About Us

Born to Wander

At Bombora, we’re all about embracing adventure and the great outdoors with our loved ones. Whether it’s exploring, paddling, swimming, standing, or fishing, we’re passionate about every aspect of being on the water. But amidst our love for adventure, we also deeply respect the unpredictability of nature.

As avid boaters and outdoor enthusiasts, we understand the importance of safety on the water. That’s why we created Bombora – to make it effortless to bring along an inflatable life vest for all your water activities. Our Active-Fit PFDs are lightweight, sleek, and designed with your safety and style in mind, ensuring you can adventure freely with peace of mind.

Located on the shores near Cape Cod, Bombora is committed to crafting products that we ourselves would use during our water wanderings. Quality and dependability are our top priorities, and we hope our products reflect our passion for both adventure and safety.