How It Works

See Bombora’s Inflatable Belts in Action

Step 1: Strap & Secure

Bring the belt around your waist so the pack faces front, connect to the buckle to secure the belt, and pull the strap to tighten.

Step 2: Pull

Pull on the red tab to inflate. Our Slim pack inflates into a Type V PFD (shown) and our Super pack inflates into a Type III PFD.

Step 3: Inflate

You’re afloat! You can rearm your belt with a CO2 cartridge to reuse for your next adventure.

Finally a PFD that looks super cool, does the job and stays out of your way when you are on the water.

Bruce (Verified Owner)

Been looking for PFDs for my husband and I as we have begun kayaking this summer when we found Bombora. So far so good. You hardly know you are wearing it but know you are prepared.

Sara (Verified Owner)

I love my Bombora PFD! It is so easy to bring with me when I’m out paddleboarding or kayaking.

Claire (Verified Owner)

Bought a few of the 24gram models for Paddleboarding and I’m impressed. I agree with everyone who says how well they fit and become something you forget you have on.

Phil (Verified Owner)